• This project is based on the “House in Sevres” created by Colboc Franzen & associates Architects. Keeping the basic structure and adding intentionally new zones, had as a result a great “tuned up” representation of the existing building. With thousands of views in famous 3d websites like Evermotion 13.000 + views and VWArtclub 20.000 + Views, it became a milestone in 2013 in the 3d community.


Mirror Visuals reflects ideas into digital art. To achieve the highest standards we invest in clients who want to expand their boundaries and look beyond their fixed way of thinking.

In Mirror Visuals the artists have strong design skills, passion for detail and a wide range of knowledge in
materials, lighting and composition.

Our challenge is to create unique renders that reflects our client’s vision and needs.


3D Exterior Rendering Services giving your dreams a new level to achieve. The service of 3D exterior renderings has become a vital part when it comes to the promotion of a business, hotel or real estate project. Our exterior visuals have unique the way of expressing architectural designs. We use various techniques, considering the different needs of each client, in order to provide them, the right kind of 3D visual.

Interior rendering is an important design tool. It is predominantly used at the presentation and marketing stage of a project.Our interior rendering service produces high-end photo like interior 3D renders that give an accurate representation of a space or building interior.

Mirror Visuals is not just a 3D visualization company which follows directions, but also creative, giving solutions and design directions if it’s needed.

Mirror Visuals is a multidisciplinary design agency. Expressing clients conceptual thoughts and ideas is challenging but creative as well.


We create award-winning images, for architects and developers the world over. We give to our clients an edge over the competition from concept stage right through to marketing.

Whether or not clients requests specific models, Mirror Visuals has the capacity to create premium 3d models perfectly matched to the original product.


Our Company helps customers to easily visualize and conceptualize their dreams in the design of their home and shop properties in 3 dimensions through our 3D Floor Plans. Mirror Visuals can transform your architect’s straight lines into floor plans of top quality vivid visualizations. A Look at the samples will explain it all.

One image worth’s a thousand words, but a 360 image worth’s a bit more! Virtual reality provides an ultimate experience and a new way of presentation. So the perception and understanding are much larger than using the traditional media.