About This Project

Dimello Coffee Packaging
Client:Attica Terra Food And Drinks AEBE

A commercial project which establishes Mirror Visuals in the product design industry.Mirror Visuals dedicates time for the best possible visual outcome.

Programmes:  3Ds Max – V-Ray from Chaosgroup – Photoshop

Few words about Dimello

“In 1727 the Brazilian military Francisco de Mello Palheta, learning that a new variety of coffee called Arabica reached French Guinea. So decided to travel up there to get seeds of this variety of coffee. According to this legend, the governor French Guiana denied his request to give him seeds of the plant. The De Mello armed with his charm persuaded the French governor’s wife to hide few coffee beans in a bouquet. Thus Francisco de Mello Palheta was the one who brought the coffee in Brazil and Mexico starting cultivation coffee in these regions…” … and led to the inspiration of the name Dimello!

Espresso Dimello is produced in an ultra-modern coffee processing unit, which features all the latest technology. With highly trained staff, having deep knowledge of the subject, with dedication, passion and enthusiasm. Dimello is roasted and then packed with the most modern methods, under strict controls, thus ensuring excellent quality.

Dimello focuses on the creation of an excellent espresso with a maximum
performance of its characteristics. Body, colour, aroma, taste. Dimello has an expert team of Coffee craftsmen who create the finest espresso blends to suit the specific needs of the market.

Dedication to tradition blends harmoniously with advanced, innovative technology, for an excellent product which creates a pleasant experience in consumption at all times.