Hospitality Coffee Place Dusty Amsterdam

About This Project

Welcome to Amsterdam’s premier hospitality coffee place, Dusty Amsterdam. Expertly designed and visualized by Mirror Visuals. Immerse yourself in an elegant setting that seamlessly blends historical elements, such as the charming cement floor and exquisite octagonal green tiles, with contemporary aesthetics.

Indulge in exceptional coffee while surrounded by the captivating ambience of this uniquely crafted space. Discover the perfect harmony between old-world charm and modern sophistication at our coffee haven in the heart of Amsterdam.

Perfectly imperfect! When art blends with functionality!
Art is to be appreciated from a relative distance, but how about when blends in with highly functional furniture?
Anti-traditional elegance symbolizes wealth and sophistication, through its saturated colour palette, jewel tones and modern furniture with clean lines.
Historic materials, antique French cement floor and octagonal tiles are classy elements to any room.
The variation in condition and wear is part of their quality and heritage.

3d visualization, archviz, cgi, digital art, hospitality, interiordesign