Mirage 106m

About This Project

M I R AG E  –  I L L U S I O N  B Y  R E F R A C T I O N  O F  L I G H T


We are really proud to announce our latest collaboration with VAN GEEST DESIGN and their latest project MIRAGE. Mirage is the translation of our city landscapes, sky scrapers, gigantic, present, anchored, but then again cladded with reflective surfaces, blending into the landscape,merging with its environment, giving elegance to the building, an elegant presence embracing its surroundings. Present on the water un-accessible with a closed transom, one can only board in by invitation.
It is a retreat made discreet by its reflective surfaces blending on the horizon, with its decks disappearing between water and sky. Unfolding itself, Mirage tells a story of time, reflecting the day passing on-a colourful reflective surface offering a peaceful gaze on the travelled distances. Bridge deck forward the area has been designed as a gathering point, interacting with the captain, discussing the next destination while looking forward.

designed by VAN GEEST DESIGN specially for FINCANTIERI YACHTS.

360, Animation, Yachts